Essay on accidents in india

They are often full of potholes, rough and uneven stretches. We just have to stick to basics but the problem is, who cares. Proper Maintenance of Roads Many accidents also happen due to poor maintenance of roads.

An ounce of prevention is worth a. They do not follow the traffic rules and are usually found violating the traffic rules. These drivers can be addicted to one or more drugs. Travel by road provides a lot of flexibility, convenience, speed and reliability, particularly at short distances in cities and towns.

The condition of the other two was described as serious. In Malaysia, it represents a major public problem because of the high number of victims involved and also the seriousness of the consequences for the victim themselves and to their families as well.

It was a tragic accident. The police took down the statements of some eyewitnesses. Like the roads, the condition of the vehicles is also a source of great worry. Natural and other Causes There are many factors which are under our control but also there are some factors which are not under our control.

There are shops, khokas, dhabas, workshops etc.

Rail accident in india essay

These rules will help in avoiding accidents. Avoid overtaking at accident-prone places like blind turns and road bends. Subsequently, the rescue plan or red alert for rail disasters can be activated by higher political authorities.

Intoxication leads to the clouding of perception and errors in judgement. Witnesses should also give their names and addresses. They are even asked to write essay, paragraph or deliver a speech on the topic of the importance of road safety.

This is a possible scenario. Thus one person lost his life and two others sustained serious injuries due to the fault of a reckless driver.

Youth and youngsters usually found overspeeding their cars, bikes while rash driving. Short essay on industrial accidents in India Article shared by Industrial development, no doubt, is very essential for the national development to provide jobs, increase production and thereby raise the standard of living of the people.

Road accidents take place in big cities almost every day. Sometimes, these accidents prove to be fatal. Two main factors responsible for road accidents are heavy traffic on roads and rash driving.

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Essay on “Road Accidents” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Road Safety Essay. Road safety is the safety of people from road side injuries and accidents. It involves various methods and measures which must be followed by the road users to prevent serious injury and accidents.

Long and Short Essay on Road Safety in English. This essay explores analysis and discusses the issue of road accidents and how it impacts the Australian population and the proposed initiatives to address it.

intotal number of deaths due to accidents were 3, 84, in India. Read More. Words 5 Pages. L et's look at the causes of road accidents in India: 1.

Traffic accidents in India

Speeding and overtaking– A greater speed surely gives a feeling of rush to the driver but at the same time increases the risk of his vehicle collision. 2.

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The increased volumes of traffic over the last decade have caused a tremendous increase in the ratio of accidents that take place on roads. Automobile development has allowed its consumer market to choose from a variety of super cars and bikes. Even though speed is one of the most contributing factors in accidents, it is not always the cause.

Essay on accidents in india
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Essay on Road Safety for Children and Students